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More Snow in the UK How Are You Coping?

I feel for people in the UK at the moment. If it wasn’t bad enough that we’re labelled as a nation of people that are obsessed with the weather, we’re, yet again, looking at one of the worst winters on record. As I write this Mothers Day as been and gone, and St Patricks Day was celebrated on Sunday.

Normally, we would all be looking out of our windows to see the first signs of spring. The little purple crocus flowers should have started to show themselves, as well as colourful daffodils and tulips which are such a poignant sign winter is finally over. Sadly, for a lot of people this isn’t the case. Instead parts of the North of England and Scotland are bracing itself for yet more wintery weather conditions.

In fact, it has been reported today these parts of the UK could see up to 20cm of snow in the coming few days. My bet is that even the kids are starting to get a bit fed up of this. Snow is great for a while, but the novelty soon wears off.

I’m sure this unusually cold weather is bound to spark some debates about global warming, but I’m more interested in knowing how the average person is coping. Heating bills must be through the roof, how are people managing to pay those? Especially since most of us are still paying off Christmas.

How about those of you that have to commute to work, has it really disrupted your daily routine? For those of you that own your business and you’re not one of the big boys, have you lost money or customers as a result?

The questions are endless, and when you think about it, a blanket of snow no matter how harsh or prolonged it is does have its consequences, especially on a country that never seems to be prepared. The business people (and workers alike) I feel for the most are those that use the roads as their main source of income. This includes couriers, haulage and removal companies. How on earth are you managing to keep things together?

I would love to hear your comments. I don’t live in the UK anymore, so it’s hard for me to understand just how everyone really is coping.


Author: Julie Coburn