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Making Preparations for your Move Abroad

Moving abroad is something that should be taken seriously, and if you’ve already made the decision you will, of course already know this. There are many things to consider and it starts with what your personal circumstances are. Listed below are some of them, and I aim to give you as much information as I can so you’re ready for your move abroad:

A Professional couple looking for a better life

A young family doing exactly the same as the professional couple

A retired couple who want to spend the rest of their days somewhere warm and sunny.

Before we get into what the differences are depending on what brackets above you fall into, there are some preparations that will be pretty much the same for all of you.

Get Your Time-Lines Right

OK, the subheading there might sound like corporate speak but it is important you know when you need to do certain tasks, how long they’ll take, and if that wasn’t enough, that they all match up. For example: Packing. This is one thing everyone needs to do but getting the timing right can be a balancing act. You need to make sure you plan well in advance, and the earlier you start the better! In my experience, retirees will be much better at this (if my Mum-In-Law is anything to go by). Pack away any non-essential items you won’t need until you arrive at your new home.

Make a list of items you will need but can be packed away a few days before the removal company arrives. Finally there are things you won’t be able to do without, toiletries for one. You should also remember that all important cup of tea and breakfast before you leave so if you can, use items that can be thrown away and give your kettle to a friendly neighbour before you leave.

Tie-Up the Loose Ends

Don’t forget that when you’re moving to another country it doesn’t mean you might never return. Make sure you sort out your banking, (THE most important thing). Look at any personal insurance you have, and discuss with a professional how this will work abroad. Make sure you cancel any subscriptions you won’t need, and definitely let utility companies know the bills won’t be up to you anymore.

For those of you that are retired, it will also be worth looking into how your savings and, or pensions will work. This can be very complicated depending on where you’re moving to so some professional advice with this one is a must.

Friends and Family

There’s no getting away from it, this will tug at the heart strings. However, try to think about it this way. We have internet access just about anywhere in the world these days. This means free internet telephone calls, video calls, and email. For those of you that are techno-shy now is the time to let the kids teach you. Also remember farewells are not final. The first year after you’ve moved will probably be the busiest (especially if you have a swimming pool)!

For Professional Couples

All of the above is important, but honestly, things will be much easier for you (even though it may not seem that way). You won’t have kids to worry about, and the last thing on your mind will be the worry about inheritance tax in your new country.

For Families

You will have your added stresses because it isn’t just about you and your partner. Just remember to keep the kids involved.

For Retirees

Now’s the time! Make use of the family you have around you, and make sure you take-up any offers of help you receive. You’ll be sipping a nice glass of wine on your new veranda looking at the beautiful mountain views before you know it!

If you haven’t found the information you’re looking for above, take a look at this link for some more help

Author: Julie Coburn

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