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Knowing the Difference Between A Man and Van and a Removals Company

Are you moving? If so what are you moving? People need help from professionals every single day across the UK and Europe with items they can’t transport themselves. What type of service you need depends on what you’re moving. Perhaps you’re a student who has a few boxes of personal stuff you want to move to halls at University or someone who just has a parcel or two you want sending. In this case, a man and van service will suit you fine.

But what if you’re moving the belongings in your home and have a sizeable load? In this case, you really need a removals company. These outfits are professionals in the field of removals and they only ever deal with home, commercial and international removals. If you have registered your removal with an online marketplace, you need to make sure you know the difference between the two types of business.

It is true that there is a certain amount of competition between these two services and removal companies often get frustrated with quotes that are placed against them by a business they believe to be a man and van service. I have personally spoken to many professionals who say it’s hard to gain business because of these quotes and how low they are.

Having said that, competition is healthy and it keeps you on your toes.  My advice to anyone moving, no matter what it is, is to ask the question! If you want a man and van and receive a quote, ask about their business and what they do (by the way, these people offer a professional service too). If you need a removals company, the same applies. We will never be able to stop the competition regarding the difference between these two services, but you, the customer can differentiate between them….just ask!

 Author: Julie Coburn

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