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It’s Nearly St Patricks Day – Why not go Green?

Just a piece of background information for all of you first; did you know that very little is actually known about St Patrick, his life is actually a bit of a mystery to most historians. He is most famous for being taken hostage by some Irish raiders whilst in Wales, he was then taken to Ireland for almost 6 years and sometime after that he entered the church and eventually became the Patron Saint of Ireland. Legend has it that St Patrick was responsible for chasing all of the snakes in Ireland into the sea after they ambushed him at the top of a hill.

So, now you know all about St Patrick, (well, sort of). I’m sure many of you will be celebrating this weekend and the theme of course is green! I just wanted to remind you all that we at The RoadAhead are conscious of being green in ways other than painting your face and wearing huge hats with lucky clover leaves on them.

We are committed to offering a service that will ensure that everyone can keep their carbon footprint under control. Many of the Removal Companies we have on our books work in such a way that they will take part loads from a number of different customers and combine this into one job. This helps to reduce congestion on the roads and also saves on fuel and CO2 emissions. The best thing of all is that if you are someone who is moving, you will save money as you will only be using part of a van rather than paying for all of the space in the removal van that you may not need.

Happy St Patricks Day to you all, have a marvellous time but remember being green means looking after our precious planet too!


Author: Julie Coburn