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Is it Really Spring in the UK?

Easter is upon us and I am finding it hard to believe that some of us have had to wrap up as warm as we would if it were January! Many removal companies will have had trouble in the first half of this week due to the weather. There have been snow showers in the Northern half of the UK and as far down as the Midlands. This will not have helped all of those people that are rushing to move into their new home in time to celebrate the Easter break with friends and family.

Thankfully, it looks as if the severe weather warnings have now calmed down and all removal companies and those of you that are moving can get back to normal. If you use The RoadAhead as someone who is moving, then you will find that the removal companies on our books are reputable and professional. They have not been hindered by the weather and have been able to carry out their removal jobs with us without a hitch!

If you are planning to move after the Easter break then why not post your removal requirements on our website? It’s hassle free and takes under 60 seconds to do. Plus, you will be receiving quotes from removal companies on our books from the minute you register!

All that is left to be said is thank you to all removal users and removal companies that have supported The RoadAhead so far. Have a fantastic Easter and try not to eat too much chocolate!