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Is It True? Can The World Seem Like an Even Smaller Place?

I saw a headline today, “London to Sydney in 4 Hours”! I couldn’t believe my eyes, because it seems that engineers have been working very hard to build a new engine for aeroplanes that means they can travel at 19,000mph!


My first thought (as it probably would be for most people), is how safe would this plane be? The answer to this question has probably yet to be answered, because as far as I understand, this new engine is still in its early stages.


My next thought was how much easier this would make life for people who are looking to move abroad. Not only that, how much easier it would also be for removal companies to broaden the amount of destinations they currently travel to. Australia is the other side of the world for most of us, and if we can jump on a plane, and be there in just 4 hours, just how quickly could we all travel from the UK to Europe, or vice-versa?


This latest piece of technology could change the way everyone looks at the world simply because other countries will be way more accessible. Lots of people (me included), shy away from “long-haul” flights because they’re uncomfortable, and boring. If I knew I could jump on a plane, and be in Australia in 4 hours, it would mean I would at last be able to see my aunt, whom I haven’t been able to visit for years.


Of course, this is a long way off becoming a standard way of travelling, but I suggest you watch this space!




Author: Julie Coburn