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I Feel for Transport Companies in the UK

A few days ago, I wrote a short piece about how the UK was suffering due to the huge amount of flooding that affected certain parts of this proud Island. Today, I open the papers to find that rain has turned to snow over many Northern parts of the UK, and in parts of Scotland, the mountains have seen as much as 10cm of snow!


Apparently, (courtesy of Sky News), the snow is set to move further South later this week, and will affect parts of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. If it wasn’t hard enough for removal companies at this time of year, (it happens to be one of the busiest because everyone who is moving wants to be ensconced in their new home before Christmas) the weather hasn’t exactly been kind to them.


Rain and floods brings its issue’s but now, removal companies are being hampered by yet more dangerous conditions on the roads. Black ice is every removal man’s (or woman’s) nightmare, especially when they’re loaded with a customer’s precious belongings.


Traffic in general, is of course, a problem. People slow down when they’re out in atrocious weather like this, and quite rightly so, but this doesn’t help with congestion. So, if you are someone who is moving, and you receive a phone-call to say your drivers might be a bit late, spare a thought for them.


They are having to battle their way through traffic, wind, rain, and snow to get to you, and my bet is, even if they’re not on time, you belongings will reach you safely. In fact, you’re more likely to be let down by train, and ferry services ahead of your chosen removal company.


All that’s left to say today is Brrrrr....winter is definitely here!


Author: Julie Coburn