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How to Spot a Poor Removals Company

I’m hoping the information in the following words will not only help people who have moved several times in their lives, but also those who are considering a move for the first time. Many people will use a removal company to help them get their precious belongs from one place to another, but what should set the alarm bells ringing when you’re trying to find a company to help you?


Well, listed below are a few of the main “no no’s” to look out for.


Reputation – If your chosen removal company cannot back-up the testimonials they have on a website, cannot provide you with references or point you towards and independent person or business that can verify their reputation, you should steer clear.


Price – If the price you receive is way lower than any of the other quotes you’ve received so far, ask why! When you’re gathering quotes from different companies (and you should do this). There will be differences in price, however, don’t be sucked in by an “unbelievable deal”. It could be the company is short of business and is desperate to gain yours, and there will be a reason for this.


Insurance – Any reputable removal company will be properly insured so they’re licensed to drive the trucks they have and to carry your belongings. If they can’t produce paperwork to prove this, move on to the next company.


Attitude & Communication – If you find the staff difficult to deal with, or your calls and emails are not being returned, said company probably isn’t too bothered about you as the customer.


When looking for a removal company, keep an eye out for some of the issues stated above. If you do, this will help you find the right company for you.



Author: Julie Coburn