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How to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

So you’ve finally got over the stress of moving home and you’re now standing in your new living room and everything feels a bit alien to you. This happens to everyone when they move house and there are a few things you can do to make yourself feel comfortable. First of all, you should get everything unpacked as soon as you can so you’re not trying to avoid tripping over that pesky box again!

The second thing you can do once your removal company has finished unloading your furniture is to try and set it out in a similar way to your old house. This will give you a sense of “belonging”. You should also make sure you adorn your walls with your favourite pictures and get those all important ornaments in place.

If, like me you enjoy a constant fresh smell in your home and have a particular scent you like, make sure you get things such as candles or automatic air fresheners set up. Once you have that familiar smell around you, your new house will start to feel like home and you’ll settle in much quicker.

OK, it is going to be a bit chaotic for a while but if you follow some of the tips above, your new house will not seem so strange to you. If anyone reading this has more tips, feel free to let us know.

Author: Julie Coburn

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