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How You Know it’s Time to Move Home

There are many reasons people decide it’s time to move home. However, there are times when the decision is made for you, and that’s what this article is all about today. I’m going to give you a few reasons, one of which I have experienced myself:

Poor Neighbours

This happened to me! I had lived in my first home with my husband for about 5 years, and it was a newly built terraced property. What many used to term (and probably still do) as a starter home. We were quite happy, and we had learned to live with our adjoining neighbours without a problem.

If you are about to start on the property ladder, bear in mind that newly built homes in the UK have paper-thin walls so being aware of the amount of noise you make is something to think about. The house next door went up for sale and, of course my husband and I were curious to know who we would get as new neighbours. This is where the trouble started!

A young couple bought the house, and we did our best to welcome them to the terraced street we lived on. However, it started with a house-warming (which we were invited to) but, the party didn’t finish until the “wee” hours of the morning and I had to work the next day. We were prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt. How wrong we were! The noise was unbearable, to the point where we attempted to get the local council involved.

Of course, we tried to stand our ground after all, we were there first! To cut a long story short, we ended up moving home because there was literally no other way to solve the problem.


This is something that will affect a lot of people these days. We all know what the current economic climate is like. What I will say is that you should think about downsizing to a smaller property BEFORE it gets the point where you can’t make the repayments on your mortgage. Recognising the problem and dealing with it head-on will pay off in the end.


It doesn’t matter if you have a growing family or you’re someone who cannot bear to let items you’ve collected over the years go. Running out of space is probably one of the most popular reasons people have to move home. However, if it’s because you just can’t find a space for the latest ornament you’ve found at the local car boot, do your best to have a clear out. It will cost you far less and, you may even make a bit of money by doing your own car boot sale.


These are just a few reasons why the need to move home might be “thrust” upon you. Whatever it might be, try not to make a snap decision. You may end up unhappy as a result!

Author: Julie Coburn