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How Not to Sell Your House!


When you first decide you want to sell your home a strange feeling comes over you. Suddenly, you’re thrown into the world of estate agents and strangers stomping about your personal space, treating it like it’s not yours, and that doesn’t feel very nice. However, making the decision to sell is probably one you haven’t taken lightly and there can be all sorts of reasons for it.

The trouble is that many of us are not capable of putting a “business” hat on when we put our homes on the market, and this could have very stressful consequences. For example, an estate agent values your home, and you agree to the price at which it will be marketed. Some weeks down the line, you have had a few viewings but no takers and the estate agent advises you to lower the price.

This is a bitter pill to swallow not just because it could have an affect on what type of property you can afford to buy next, but many of us take this as a personal insult. In fact, this is the first point on how not to sell your house!

Take a Step Back

You have to face it. When that for sale sign goes up, your home has been added to a website and you’re being “invaded” by would-be buyers you have to put your personal feelings to one side. Comments like “it’s not for us” or, “it’s not quite what I’m looking for” can sting but you can turn these into a positive.

Think about how vague these comments are. Why is your home not for someone, or isn’t what they’re looking for? It could be any manner of things. Perhaps the décor isn’t to their taste? Maybe they found your home to be too cluttered and couldn’t see the potential behind it? The trick is to develop a thick skin and attempt to understand what’s putting people off.

Take Any Advice Offered

If you’re told that huge antique wardrobe in the main bedroom is a “space grabber” and should be removed, don’t take it to heart. This also goes for other areas in your home. You HAVE to take a more business approach to your house. If there is too much clutter, no matter how precious your items are they must be packed away. After all, they will see daylight again once you’ve moved into your new home.

Any other constructive advice you’re given should be taken into account even if it means swallowing a few choice words. If you don’t, you may end up having to take less for your house than it’s worth simply because you didn’t follow a few simple rules.


Author: Julie Coburn