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How Do You Feel About The Cyclists On Our Roads?

As usual, I spend my days having a nose through the newspapers, and it appears the media has picked up on the “feud” between motorists, and cyclists, specifically in London. We all know how the current Mayor of London is keen to get people out of their cars on their bikes, and this seems to have had an impact.


Motorists are complaining there are way more cyclists on the road, and, quite frankly, they’re a pain in the proverbial! Apparently, people who ride bikes around the city think they own the roads, and are often found shouting obscenities at other road users, in particular, motorists.


I’ve tried to look at this objectively, and see it from both sides. When you think about it, cyclists are taking a bit of a risk when they hit the road. After all, what sort of protection do they have other than a helmet, and elbow, and shoulder pads? If a car or van gets a little too close for comfort, I’m pretty sure I would lose my temper too.


As for motorists, having more cyclists on the road seems to have caused an additional hazard for them. Now, they have to be even more vigilant about using their mirrors, and a lot of people have complained they don’t see someone on their bike until the very last second.


We all know what a busy city London is, and I’m just curious to know how everyone-else feels about this. Perhaps you’re someone who drives a removals van, and have fallen foul of the sort of behaviour that cyclists have reportedly displayed while out on their bikes?


Or are you a cyclist that feels cars, and vans should be a thing of the past in the great city of London? Do you think motorists are not accommodating enough? It’s not just London that has seen an up-turn in people riding bikes; road users in other European countries are also facing the same “problem”.


Whatever side of the fence you sit on, I would like to invite you to have your say, and perhaps we can all eventually find some common ground.


Author: Julie Coburn