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Health Insurance for Ex-Pats


We all know we should take out insurance when we travel (even though there are a good number of people that still don’t). But, when you’re moving abroad, it’s probably one of the most important things to consider. There are a number of reasons you might consider doing this privately and they’re all incredibly valid.

You might not want to be part of the national health system that exists in your chosen country.

You might not be eligible for public health cover in the country you’re moving to.

If you don’t have cover and are affected by the two points above, you may end up with a whopping bill if you need medical treatment. In fact, just going to see a doctor could cost you a pretty penny.

Moving Abroad from the UK

If you intend to move to another country that’s part of the European Union, and are part of the National Health system, you should be able to obtain an EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card). This means you will be able to make use of the national system in the country you move to. However, this hasn’t been without its problems. Recently, Spain was facing court action from the EC because they were not honouring this system.

Of course, the court system is dealing with this, but it could mean you being turned away from a hospital or you have to pay before treatment will be given. The politics behind this is not something worth discussing here because the message I’m trying to get across is that people need to know how important health insurance is.

Seeking Out Decent Health Care Insurance

This is another slight mine field if you’re not careful. What you should do no matter what, is speak to a financial advisor that specialises in the field of medical insurance. The reason for this is things can get complicated, especially for people that have existing medical conditions, or need ongoing treatment.

If you use a general financial advisor, the may not be qualified enough to find a package that suits you and your family. Not only could this mean surprise bills along the way, you might end up paying more for your insurance than you should be.

In Conclusion

Health insurance is a must when you first move to a new country. It doesn’t have to be something you will be paying for the rest of your life (although most policies will ask you to sign at least a 1 year contract). It will just give you peace of mind that you can get adequate healthcare when you need it. Of course, once you’re settled into your new home, you can always look at other avenues. Just make sure you’re covered initially.


Author: Julie Coburn