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Have you Ever Thought of Using an Online Removal Marketplace?

What is an online removal marketplace?  I hear you ask, the answer to that one is easy. It’s an internet based website site system that puts people who are moving in the UK and Europe in touch with professional removal companies that operate in that area.

It’s that simple but why should you use it? Well, there a number of reasons. If you are moving within the UK or Europe you can save yourself some money. This is because although you will receive bids from reputable removal companies it’s up to you to choose which one you think is best on price. Remember though, statistics show that 50% of removal customers won’t choose the cheapest option they have but can still save almost 70% on their move.

Ease of use is something else that’s kept in mind, you don’t want to spend hours signing up and filling in forms. With this sort of website it’s possible to be signed up for free within 1 minute! This means you can get on with the important stuff like packing!

If you’re a removal company you can use this type of website as your very own marketing tool and it won’t cost you a penny. Get your name out there and use such features as photos and verification systems that will help you enhance your profile and get more business through the door.


Author: Julie Coburn

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