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Go Green with The RoadAhead

These days, everyone is conscious of their carbon footprint. For those removal companies that operate within the UK some time ago you may well have found that your running costs went up as a result of charges that were put in place in certain areas of the UK (especially London). If your vehicles were over a certain CO2 emission limit then you had to pay. This has meant that a lot of transport companies have had to either change their vehicles or have them adjusted to come into line with emission guidelines set by the Government.

This has in fact now been pretty much dealt with and has made people aware of what damage can be done to our planet due to CO2 emissions. I could go into an in depth discussion about the whys and wherefores, however, you are likely to be on a busy schedule and I enjoy writing my blogs for The RoadAhead and don’t want to be asked not to write again because everyone has complained about falling asleep whilst reading this entry!

The fact is that The RoadAhead has recognised that removal companies and those of you that are moving are all aware of staying “green”. You will find that our site has (amongst other things) implemented a system so that transport companies and removal customers alike can get in touch with each other if you only have a part load to move. This means that removal companies can integrate several collection and delivery jobs at the same time. Removal customers save money because they are not paying for a whole lorry when only using part of the space available.

Why not have a look around the website and see how we can help if you only have a small amount of belongings or equipment to move… the planet stay green and pleasant and find transport companies that can help you with those smaller loads.


Author: Julie Coburn

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