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French Government Plans to Help the Homeless in France

Earlier today I read a report courtesy of They have announced that the French Government are concerned about the lack of social housing in Paris, in fact it’s been described that it’s at “crisis point”. Because of this, the Government has said it intends to acquire upwards of 40,000 residential properties in Paris. Most notably, these apartments are in the exclusive district of Maria. This district is home to Place des Vosges and sits at the heart of Paris.

This area has long been home to the rich and famous, and there are two questions that spring to mind, and they are: Will this not affect the exclusivity of this area by moving the homeless in? Should the Government not be building more social housing areas around Paris? I’m no economist but would this not bring jobs to the area and help the economy as a whole.

The Government’s stance on this is that lots of the apartments in this area have stood empty for many years, and it would be better to make use of them instead of letting them rot. If you don’t know there is a very old law in France that states it can acquire a property should it desire to.

Whilst I understand that many people are in dire need of help, and there are whole families sleeping on the streets, I find myself wondering if it’s really fair to force people who have worked hard to make it in life to hand over their homes. Any thoughts on this subject are most welcome.


Author: Julie Coburn

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