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France and The New Law For Motorists

Many people may not know it, but this summer France introduced a new law stating that all people must carry a “home breathalyser” kit for their vehicles and these must be within the vehicles when they’re on the move. This means that if you’re on the road, are stopped by a policeman, and you don’t have a kit like this, you will receive an on the spot fine of 11 Euros.

The requirements by law don’t stop there. You have to also make sure the kit you buy is the right one. If it doesn’t carry the “Norme Française” Logo (CF), it won’t be accepted as the correct kit. CF is the French equivalent to the BSI kite mark in Britain. This snippet of information seems to have by-passed many people who travel to France, and as a result has caused what some might call “chaos” for road users who don’t live there.

However, don’t panic if you’re about to carry-out a removal to France , although this is now law, the Government has announced that it’s going to give people more time to get the correct kits. The reason I have decided to pass this information on is because this law is not limited to people who are resident in the Country. It will apply to anyone who drives in France, so all removal companies who travel there regularly should be prepared.

Just so you know these kits’ can be purchased on-line from Amazon and at any Halfords store. I recommend you get your order in quick as they’re going to be in high demand!


Author: Julie Coburn