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Expats – Feeling Like a Fish out of Water?

I write many blogs based on information for those of you that are thinking of moving abroad. How to make the initial decision, decide where it is you want to live, and finally, finding the right removal company, but I seem to have forgotten about those of you that have been through all of this, and are now “settled” in your new home, and a new country.


Some of you reading this may be feeling a little desperate, but fear not! The first thing you have to remember is why you did this. If you’ve got kids, try taking a look at them now. How much happier are they? Do they play outdoors more than they used to, and are they already correcting you on how to speak the local language? I’ll bet the answer to most of these questions is yes.


Now, try looking out the window, what do you see? Beautiful mountain scenery, bountiful amounts of sunshine, or even the odd Palm Tree dotted here and there. It’s very easy to forget what you were looking for in the first place when you’re settling into a new life, new country, and new routine, but you really shouldn’t let things get you down.


It’s a known fact it can take up to 12 months to really “find your feet” in a new place, and probably one of the biggest reasons people return to their home country is because they haven’t given it enough time. Believe me, I’ve been there! It took me 3 countries, 2 hemispheres, and almost 3 years to find my feet so I feel your pain.


What I will say is surround your-self with the creature comforts you’re used to in your new home. Don’t hide away, get a local paper, and see what’s happening. Get to know your local area, and the people that live in it. If you can, join a few clubs, you’ll be surprised at how many other ex-pats there are in your area, and this will all help you settle in far quicker.


Above all, give it time, you will settle, and that feeling of being a "fish out of water" will soon pass.



Author: Julie Coburn