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Downsizing to a Smaller Property

It may seem like its all doom and gloom if you have to move to a smaller property. However, there are a good number of reasons why people do this. It could be that your kids have all grown up and have decided to fly the nest, leaving you and your other half “rattling” around in what was once a bustling household. It could also be that you’ve decided on a smaller mortgage and with the economic climate the way it is right now, this is possibly one of the more popular reasons why people are moving into smaller homes.

Moving as we all know is stressful enough but, if you add to this the fact you need to make sure everything you own will fit into your new home, it can cause an additional headache. This doesn’t have to be the case if you plan things in the right way.

Sizing Up Your Furniture

This is one of the most important parts because you may find you can’t fit say, your dining table into the new house. In which case, you either have to think about selling your old one (and there are loads of places you can do this) and buy a new one. Aside from selling it, you might find that it fits somewhere else in the new house. The same goes for other bulky items like your beds and wardrobes. Its vital you make sure these will fit into the space you have.

Storage in the Home

Make sure you check out the amount of storage you have in the home you’re moving to. Every house has its subtle differences, even when the same number of bedrooms is involved. It could be that you have built-in wardrobes, space under the stairs you didn’t have before or, you could end-up with a larger loft area or garage (the last being the one place we tend not to keep our cars).

Once you have an idea of how much storage space you have, you can then start to think about items that might need to be put away for a rainy day. If you have somewhere in your own property to do this, it will mean you won’t have to part with things you would otherwise like to keep.

In Conclusion

Downsizing doesn’t have to be a depressing thought. Just because you have smaller rooms than you once did, you may still be able to hang on to some of the precious pieces of furniture you can’t bear to let go of just yet. Just make sure you plan carefully.


Author: Julie Coburn