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Don’t Emigrate Just Because You’re Fed-Up!

I read lots of information on the internet and in the newspapers, not to mention the amount of documentaries I watch on T.V. that discuss the amount of Britons that are leaving their homeland for what is often termed as a “better life”.

There are a million reasons this could be happening, and they’ve all been talked about at length by the experts. Are we moving to other countries because we just want better weather? Have we finally had enough of Politics in general and want to live a life that feels less claustrophobic? Or, are we just looking for better paid jobs and a more solid education for our kids? Perhaps as time goes on, we’re displaying the more natural nomadic attitude the human race was once known for?

Whatever the definitive answer might be, being in the removal industry isn’t such a bad idea at the moment. Here are some statistics for you:

In 2012 a little over 200,000 Britons left the UK to live in other countries across Europe and the rest of the world.

510,000 people arrived in the UK to stay for more than one year, and less than 15% of those were UK nationals returning home.

These numbers appear to prove that we Brits are indeed, finding a better life elsewhere (well, for 12 months at least) so, why the title to this article?

Thinking Straight

I’ve been there! You come home from work, eat dinner, watch a bit of television or spend time with the kids and, then you go to bed only to do the exact same thing the next day for at least 5 days a week. The weekend rolls around, and many of us use this time to catch-up with household chores or complete the weekly shop.

It’s not very interesting is it? What do you turn to? Programs on the T.V. that talk about how people have managed to emigrate, and are living a much better and more fulfilled life abroad. You may even know of someone-else who is thinking of leaving.

The trouble is you can get caught up in the “idea” of moving abroad without thinking it through properly. Emigrating is a serious business, and it could shape the way you live the rest of your life. If kids are involved, this is even more reason to think the whole thing through properly.

A Couple of Points to Remember

Take solace in the fact that you’ve finally decided to get yourself out of the “rut” that is life, BUT plan carefully. Research the places you would consider living and take your time with it. If you make a snap decision and just take the “let’s go for it” attitude, you could end up far more unhappy than you were in the first place!


Author: Julie Coburn