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Dealing with Rental and or Estate Agents

I have to say, as I write these words, I seethe! Many people, especially those in the profession will say that estate or rental agents get a raw deal in terms of reputation. I haven’t dealt with every company on the planet however, in the past 6 years; I’ve dealt with more than most.

So far, I have little to say that’s good! The people that work for these companies are very good at making the right noises, but when it comes to putting what you’re told into practice this is often, if not, always something completely different.

Take this for example. I have just recently rented a new home. I was told by the agents this home (which is on mainland Europe) had mains gas. I was also told that the hot water was powered by an electric boiler.

What I actually have (and I only found out about this after signing the contract), are no mains gas and the electric boiler will only provide hot water for part of the house! Without going into the details of the way houses are built in my part of the world, it is entirely possible this is the way things work.

However, my decision on taking this property was in part, swayed by the power options I had. “Had” being the operative word! Some may say I should blame the property owner. This, I strongly disagree with! What is the owner paying the estate agent for? To manage their property of course, and that involves knowing how everything works.

If moving wasn’t stressful enough, I was handed the keys and told I could move my items in a day early, which I thought was a nice gesture. This did happen (surprise, surprise)! However, I was told the house would be thoroughly cleaned, and properly prepared for my arrival. Guess what? This didn’t happen.

Instead, I have had to work around placing my belongings in my new home with a team of cleaners who should have been there a full week before-hand. Whilst I understand things can go wrong, I’m hard pressed to feel any sympathy at all at the moment.

If it had just been the odd mistake, like “oh dear, we didn’t clean the oven”. I wouldn’t be as annoyed. As it stands right now, I feel like I was lied to and all in the name of gaining the extra money required to employ the services of my chosen agent.

I’m sure this is not an isolated story, and I would love to hear from others who have had similar experiences. I would also love to hear from anyone who thinks I’m wrong to take pen to paper, and tell everyone that no matter how thorough you are estate agent will fib!


Author: Julie Coburn