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Crazy, Stupid or Just Taking the Law Too Far on the Road

I tend to blog a lot about the more serious issues we all face when we’re either moving home, driving or just generally dealing with the world and travel in general. Today, I happened across a couple of situations that well, made me both draw in a breath and scoff at the same-time. First, the scoff:

A man was stuck in a traffic jam in a large city in Scotland. His handbrake was on and the car was stationary. He suddenly realised that he needed to blow is nose. So, like any other normal human being, he reached over for a tissue and duly cleared his nasal passages.

To his surprise, there was a knock at the window. When he turned, he was faced with a very stern looking policeman. A little puzzled, the man wound his window down only to be told he was in a lot of trouble for not being in control of his car! The reason was for blowing his nose whilst being behind the wheel. The poor chap (in my opinion) was given a hefty fine and points on his licence as a result.

I personally think this is taking the law a little too far. I mean, if he had been speeding down the motorway and did this then fair enough but, was he really putting other road users at risk?

Now, for the reason why I drew a breath:

A Swedish man who was lucky enough to own a Mercedes worth a “mere” £140,000 was stopped while he was attempting to get across Switzerland in record time! He was chased down after being caught doing 180mph. This did cause me to draw in a breath! At that speed, no matter how good a driver you are, the time you have to respond to anything someone-else might do on the road is pretty minimal.

What did actually cause me to really suck by breath in was the fine. The driver was given a 650,000 Euro fine for his trouble! It’s reportedly the largest speeding fine ever handed out in the world as we know it. When this story hit the headlines there were of course, questions asked about why the fine was so high (even though this driver could have caused a fatal crash).

Apparently, it’s due to what some might think strange (and others sensible) in which the Swiss decide on how much should be paid. Basically, it comes down to what your annual income is and the severity of the offence you’ve committed.

Make of this what you will but, I’m sure the man in question wouldn’t have been asked to pay a fine as large as this if a) he couldn’t afford it and b) he didn’t deserve it!



Author: Julie Coburn