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Consider Your Outdoor Space When Moving Home


When you’re on the market for a new home the one thing we all consider is what the property has to offer from the inside, and this is something that’s vitally important. After all, there’s no point in buying somewhere that doesn’t have enough bedrooms to accommodate your family, or doesn’t have a kitchen or dining area that will cater to your needs.

However, there is one point that many of us overlook until we go back for a second or even third viewing (which, by the way I highly recommend before you sign on the dotted line) and that’s the amount of outdoor space you have. There are all sorts of reasons why you should think about this, and I’ve outlined a couple for you below.

Families with Young Children

If you have a growing family, what’s the one thing your kids need? Yes, plenty of space to burn off all that excess energy! Before you even take the time out to view a property which with today’s modern lifestyle can mean arranging time off work or juggling other commitments around, pay attention to the initial paperwork you receive from an estate agent.

I don’t mean just look at the pictures and decide the garden will be big enough (these can be very deceptive). Instead, make sure you understand how large 30 x 15 feet means. Doing this simple calculation can ensure you know you’ll be able to fit that set of swings, slides or trampoline into the new garden.

People with Pets

If you own cats, I exclude you from this piece of advice because as you know, there isn’t a garden on the planet that will keep a cat where he’s supposed to be! Dogs, on the other hand are entirely different. Not only do they need space to run around in, you also have to think about security. When you look at the property you hope you’re going to be moving to, check out how high the fencing is. If it’s not high enough, ask if there are ways in which you can extend it. The latter is an important question because there may be restrictions.

Actually, the last point should appeal to people with children as well. Although a dog cannot get over a fence at a certain height, kids can be very resourceful if they want to. Plus, you should look at what type of gate you have. Is it possible to install a child-proof lock? And if not, do you have the money in your budget to change the gate.


Finding a new home to move into can be an exciting time, and that’s why we get carried away. Just think about the points above and you won’t end up looking for the extra cash to fix things that aren’t right.



Author: Julie Coburn