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Confused About How The RoadAhead Works? Read On!

Today, I have had a couple of enquiries from both removal customers and removal companies who are confused about how we at The RoadAhead works; yes its true, you will find information all over our website telling removal companies we are FREE to use and we’re not lying! Of course, we’re in business just like you and we have to make money as well; so just how do we do that?

For Removal companies, there is no subscription or sign-up fees, you will not be asked to reach for your credit card when you sign up with us. When your account is set up and you’re happily bidding on our removal jobs, you have to remember that our deposit is built into your bid. For example, if you need to make £300 from the removal job and that’s what you as the removal company needs to receive, you will need to adjust your bid so you do indeed receive £300.

For removal users, when you register your removal job with us and have decided to accept a bid you have received; once you hit “accept” you will then be asked to pay a small deposit to The RoadAhead. However, DO REMEMBER that you will NOT pay more than the price you have accepted. We do have scaling charges and these can be found by following this link If it sounds confusing here is an example: If you accept a bid for £550, the charge is 7.5% + VAT which means you will pay £41.25 + VAT. I hope this clears up any confusion, if you have further questions please feel free to contact me at


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