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Confused! How Do I Calculate the Volume of Goods I have to Move?

As someone who is moving, the main thing on your mind is how you’re going to pack everything as safely as you can, find a removal company that you can trust, and let them get your belongings from A to B.

For removal companies, the amount you have to move is of vital importance to them. After all, if you, as the customer have drivers turn up with a truck that’s too small, it won’t help your stress levels. If they arrive with a truck that’s too big, you will be paying for more space than you need.

Lots of removal companies are well aware that it’s important to be able to fill a van to maximum capacity. This doesn’t just help with keeping costs down for them, and the customer, it also helps the environment. The more wasted space there is on a van, the more vans there are on the road.

This won’t help CO2 emissions, and it certainly won’t help with fuel costs, not to mention traffic congestion. When you first start asking for quotes on your move, the main question you’ll be asked is how much space you’ll need. Now, this is where removal companies come in very handy. They have a wealth of experience, and many of them will be able to give you an estimate just by looking at a list.

However, this isn’t always the case. As the customer, we tend to start looking for quotes before we’ve finished packing, and whilst this makes perfect sense to most of us, it won’t help your removal company. There is one very quick and easy calculation you can do, BUT, remember this will only give you an estimate. If you have large or bulky items, you will need to take these out of the equation and add them as an extra to your list. Here’s what you do:

Measure the height, width, and length of your boxes. This can be done when you have them all together in one space. Once you have the numbers, multiply each and you’ll get an idea of the number of cubic centimetres you have. For example: 15 x 20 x 20 = 6,000 cubic cm. Most removal companies work in cubic metres but if you give them what you have in cm, they’ll do the rest for you.

Of course, you could just take the measurements and use an online convertor!

Author: Julie Coburn