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BEWARE – Transport Will Be Disrupted Across Europe Today!

As always, my day starts with scouring the newspapers and the internet for information I think would be of interest to people who are moving, and removal companies alike. Today, I woke up to a multitude of reports stating that people in four countries across Europe have taken to the streets, and are “voicing” their opinions about certain austerity measures that are set to take place.

These countries are Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. The reason for this walkout is because the average person is being told by their Government that their salaries will be cut, and their pensions may also be practically non-existent when it’s time for them to retire!

Whilst I err on the side of these people, and their frustration, I find it hard to understand how affecting their fellow mans’ ability to travel is going to help the situation. In Spain only 20% of their long distance trains will be running, and just 1/3 of their commuter trains will be in service. Lisbon has gone one step further by completely closing its Metro, and will have just 10% of its trains in service.

Flights have also been affected in all four countries, as has the schools (after all, education isn’t important is it)! This little rant aside, I decided to take a look at the bigger picture. The EU has recently announced that it needs its budget to rise by a whopping 100 Billion Euros! Where is this money going? (If indeed they get it). It’s certainly not going to help people earn a wage, and it’s certainly not going to help them live comfortably though retirement.

I don’t condone the violence that’s been reported in the papers today however, I do understand why the average person has taken to the streets, but is it enough to give Governments the kick up the proverbial they need?


Author: Julie Coburn