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Are You Considering a Move from the UK to Europe?

Being a British ex-pat myself, I feel I can help if the answer to the question above is yes. Firstly, moving away from your home country is not a decision to be taken lightly, and it should be something you think about long and hard.


If you have a family, everyone should be involved, and keeping the lines of communication open is VITAL! Based on my personal experience, my husband and I actually spent at least 2 years talking about moving away before putting the wheels in motion, and even then we took our time making sure we were actually doing the right thing.


It can, of course get to the point where you think that all you do is talk about moving to another country, but if your gut is telling you to hold back, listen to it! This is possibly one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life, and it’s one you need to get right.


I could start to give you some tips on what you do when you’re ready to actually go ahead with your move, but the purpose of this blog is to help you whilst you’re still at the “talking stage”. Weigh-up all your options, and start making lists of what you think the pros and cons are.


Don’t forget your extended family either; they should know what you’re planning to do. There is nothing worse than telling your parents you’re moving to another country, and for them to find out that you’ve already found somewhere, and the flights are booked. This will come as a huge shock, and they will be hurt that you didn’t trust them enough to let them in on your plan.


As a final few words, living in Europe (for me), is a very rewarding experience, and I feel I have been able to educate myself on cultures other than my own. But, I will say again, it’s not something you should jump into doing without giving it some proper thought.


Author: Julie Coburn