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Are You An Expat? Missing Food from Home?

You may think these words are going to be targeted towards UK ex-pats, and they are (considering I am one)! However, I didn’t want to forget people from other European Countries. For example, there are many French, Spanish, Dutch, and German ex-pats dotted about Europe, to name but a few, and they all miss the foods that are readily available at home as well.


The French for instance, cannot always find that wonderful delicacy snails, (L’Escargot), or the Spanish may not be able to find one of the most delicious snacks I’ve ever come across, Tapas. The Dutch miss their herrings made the way they are at home, and the Germans’ probably find it hard to get Sauerkraut made just the way Mum does.


For us Brits however, there are a whole host of foods we miss, and if you’ve just moved to another country, and think you’ll never be able to find your beloved Marmite, or that tin of Heinz Baked Beans, think again. Of course, lots of European Countries cater for foreign tastes, the UK included, but they come at a price.


This is why I thought I would let you into a little secret (if you didn’t already know). There are plenty of websites available on the internet that stock just about every product imaginable. On first glance, they may look expensive, but, if you have a group of friends and family who are salivating over their favourite foods, savings can be made if you place an order together.


Now, some of you may be dismayed to read these words, and I agree with you. One of the reasons we move to another country, is because we want to experience a different culture, and immersing your-self in this is important if you’re going to fit in. However, I apologise, but I can only go so long before I MUST have that slice of Marmite on toast!



Author: Julie Coburn