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Are The Disabled Being Ignored In Terms of Travel?

Being able bodied my-self, I cannot answer this question. This is why I’m asking our readers to let me know. I decided to write this blog because I came across a headline today that stated people who are disabled are unable to use the toilets on aeroplanes! This is something I’ve never considered before, and quite frankly, I feel a little embarrassed that I wouldn’t have thought about it. After all, toilets on planes are difficult enough to use when you don’t have a disability.

This led me to think about other areas of travel. Is it possible for someone with a disability to use a bus, or take a taxi? Again, I have no idea and I’m looking to you, our readers to help me out here. What I can tell you is that removal companies do take the disabled into consideration. If you’re moving and cannot lift items on your own, the removal company will come to your aid.

They offer all sorts of services, like complete packing and unpacking. In fact, if you do have a disability, the company will make sure you don’t have to lift a finger. The only thing they can’t do is relocate you from one place to another. This is up to the ferry companies, airlines and other means of transport to deal with. However, I’m not so sure they make it that simple for people who are disabled to get around as easily as able bodied people can? Any thoughts or opinions are most welcome.


Author: Julie Coburn

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