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Are House Prices Really on the Rise?

I was going to write something about the atrocious weather that’s hit Britain over the weekend, and how, yet again, it’s hampering the ability of all sorts of companies that need to be on the road. However, I think we all know just how much disruption this is causing, and the very last thing we need at the beginning of the week is more doom and gloom about how removal companies, and people who are moving are finding it hard to get around.


What did catch my attention however, are all these property headlines that are popping up everywhere. For example,, one of the UK’s most popular property websites has reported in the last few days that house prices in the UK have now risen to the same level as 2009.


I’m not disputing this, and I’m sure what the people behind Zoopla say is true however, it got me thinking, how has this happened? We’re still being told that Europe is in recession, and unfortunate countries like Spain are still experiencing a loss on the price of property. What’s the UK doing that’s so different to everyone-else?


Well, in my opinion, not much. You see the figures we’re given may reflect a rise in prices, but you have to consider the amount of activity in any given area. For example, London is a densely populated city, and there is always a lot of activity in terms of people selling up, and moving home.


If you look at the difference in house price rises in London, compared to say, Manchester, you’ll probably find they haven’t gone up that much in Manchester, if at all. What I will advise is if you intend to put your home on the market, try and ignore the national average for house prices, and thoroughly research the local area you live in.


It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a move somewhere-else in the UK, or over to Europe, you always start with getting the best price possible for the property you’re selling.


Author: Julie Coburn