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Are Christmas Decorations Dangerous to Road Users?

Bah Humbug! I hear you all cry when you read the title to this article, but I happen to think this is a serious question. I love Christmas as much as many other thousands of people across the UK and Europe, and I love that feeling of cosiness that Christmas time brings.


I’m also an avid lover of Christmas decorations, and my home is often adorned from top to bottom with everything sparkly. However, there are some of us who are still prepared to take on the dread of that electricity bill in the New Year, in order to let everyone know how much they love this time of year.


Apologies, I digress, the question was “are Christmas decorations dangerous”? I’m not just talking about the fact that you can risk over-loading your electrical system to the point where it blows up, I’m talking about how distracting these lovely homes that are adorned from garden to roof with brightly coloured lights are.


Many people will take up the competition when it comes to being the most decorated house in town, and there are lots of us that will go out of our way to go and take a look. However, I wonder just how many people have ended up wrapped around a lamppost because they’ve taken their eyes of the road?


I also wonder just how many traffic jams are caused because people are busy flocking to the latest house that’s being gossiped about because it has the largest inflatable Santa Clause to be found in the area!


I suppose the answer is probably no, Christmas decorations are not dangerous. If you use the road, you should be well aware that you need to concentrate, and not be distracted by all those flashing lights!


Author: Julie Coburn