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An Online Market Place Can’t Chase Jobs For You!

So you’re a removal company and you’re registered just about everywhere you can think of on the internet in terms of an online marketplace so you can gain more removal jobs. The trouble you’re having is you send in your quotes by the dozen and you’re not getting a response. It’s very easy to just give up and think the website you’re using isn’t working for you.

This isn’t exactly true, professional websites that are designed to put removal companies in touch with people who are moving can only do so much to help you gain that all important new business. They will allow you to enhance your profile by adding photographs, give you space to write a bit about your company, so people know who you are and they also have verification systems to give potential customers peace of mind.

However, these websites cannot hand the jobs to you. It doesn’t matter if you only operate in the UK or across the whole of Europe, there is some effort needed on your part to clinch that next job. Sure, there are secure messaging systems so customers and companies can communicate by asking each other questions, but don’t you ever think to yourself “why has this person not responded”?

The trick is to make sure you follow-up on all the quotes you’ve sent. At the end of each day, go for it and email everyone who hasn’t responded. You’ll be surprised at the response. It’s always possible that someone missed a message from you so if you follow-up, this will increase your chances of gaining more business or getting some valued feedback.

Go on…..get chasing those removal jobs!

Author: Julie Coburn


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