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A Trip to Mars? I Don’t Think You’ll be Moving There Anytime Soon

I got really excited by a headline I saw recently that stated a company is looking for a couple (preferably married) to go on a trip to Mars. The other prerequisites are that you be in your 50’s and enjoy spending a LOT of time with your partner.

As I read on, the excitement I had first felt at the thought of applying soon started to wear off. It appears that you’ll be spending over 500 days in a 33 cubic meter space (about the size of the space available on a 7.5 tonne truck.

Not only that you’ll have the minimal amount of food (you won’t starve of course), and drinking water will be recycled. I’m not even going to explain that one to you! However, it’s not all bad news. If the “experiment” is successful you and your spouse will earn the title of being the first human beings to ever go on a deep space journey. The only trouble is you won’t get to walk on the Red Planet, but you will see it up “close and personal”.

Some of you are probably reading this and thinking why, well, that question sprang to mind for me as well. I mean, I love my husband but I don’t think we’d do too well in such close proximity for that length of time, and there is also the question of my own sanity! The fact is it appears this mission is exploratory in terms of understanding if we could ever make Mars a tourist destination.

If that ever did happen, then I think that soon after, we’ll be looking at actually inhabiting the planet. Having said that, we have to remember Mars is 74 million miles away from the Earth, and in my opinion you’d have to be pretty desperate if you wanted to move that far away from the rest of the human race!

Of course, this trip is still in its planning stages, and it could be a long-time before we wave goodbye to the “lucky” couple, and I’ll bet I’m not going to be around when we’re thinking about taking a holiday there. It does make you think though...some-time in the future, will we see removal companies advertising how they can give you a stress-free move to Mars?


Author: Julie Coburn