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Reasons Why You Might Not Want to Move Abroad

If I had a penny for every comment made by people who have said “I would love to move abroad just like you”, I would be a rich woman! You see, living in another country isn’t for everyone, and no-one should be ashamed it. Look at it this way, if you know someone who has moved to a sunnier climate, think about all the holidays you can have which won’t mean you need to shell money out on a hotel! Below I’ve listed a few reasons why moving abroad might not be for you: Work In today’s economic climate, anyone who has managed to hang on to their full-time job should be thankful. There are many people who have been caught up in the so called “world recession”, and their lives have been turned upside down as a result. (Actually if you are one of the unlucky people to have lost their job, this might be time for you to put your thinking cap on about moving abroad). However, I digress work isn’t always easy to find in another country, especially in Europe. This is because your first language may not be spoken there, and unless you’re fluent in the mother tongue, your chances of finding work are pretty minimal. Family You may have extended family in your home country, and believe me when I say leaving them behind is a very difficult thing to do. Of course, with the wonders of modern technology you can always speak on the phone (for free), or have the odd video call, but, honestly, it’s not the same as popping round for Sunday lunch, (I speak from experience).  Children Whilst many people who are ex-pats with children have told me their kids are better off after moving to another country, you have to bear in mind that about 90% of the people I talked to relocated their kids when they were very young. If you have kids of a certain age, they may be very attached to the friends they’ve had all their lives, and their education may be at a crucial stage. Conclusion If you’ve been thinking about moving abroad, and feel you’re not brave enough to do it just yet, don’t worry about it. It’s important you’re happy in life, and moving abroad just to prove a point is the very last thing you should do!     Author: Julie Coburn

Involve Your Child in Your Relocation

Tempting as it may be to organise your move without the kids around, it will help them feel part of the process if you can include them in some way. Start by encouraging them to sort out all their toys and games. It may be hard to get them to throw anything away, but it’s worth a try. You can always step in at some point, but do let them get on with it as much as you can. Ask them to put everything into three piles; things to take to their new home, broken toys into another pile to throw away and a third pile of things they no longer want but can be given away. Yes, you will have to intervene, but be understanding! Moving house is a difficult concept for a child. Just before moving day, prepare a box especially for your child to pack with their very special items. Label it with your child’s name and let them decorate it if they wish. Then it will be easy to find at your new home and they can unpack it directly into their own room. Get a small backpack for them to take on the journey and into that place a few snacks, travel-friendly games, a book and a special stuffed toy. In your own baggage, ensure you have a change of clothes for them, more snacks, and a surprise item or two such as an activity book or a new game. You never know when you may be delayed in transit. Once your boxes arrive at your new home, enlist your child’s help to unpack their own boxes. As well as making the unpacking easier for you, your child will be suitably distracted with all their toys while you unpack everything else.   By Carole Hallett Mobbs Carole is British and currently living in Berlin after spending five years in Tokyo. She travels with her husband and daughter, plus a well-travelled cat and a dog – and far too many boxes full of ‘stuff’. She is the founder and main writer at ‘Your Expat Child’ which is full of advice for parents relocating overseas with their children.